Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Mohammed Sami, 1984, is an artist based in Norrköping, Sweden since 2007 and who lived his early adult years in war-torn Iraq surrounded by tension and the horror of daily bombings and assassinations.
The marks of these deep traumas are apparent in his paintings since he carried all of his memories and hopes with him.
Sami's present paintings have elements inspired by the shape of symbols found in our everyday life –maps, torn bodies of animals and humans, or common paintings by other artists– and in doing so, he plays a multidisciplinary role in his new politics/paintings as a critic and using sarcasm and Graffiti protest spirit working on large size canvas and using acrylic as his preferred medium.
Sami did not find the right opportunity to develop his experience in Iraq during the shadow of war and the deterioration and hopeless situation of his native country.
In 2007, Sami became an immigrant and decided to make a drastic change moving from the hot and arid Iraq to the forward-thinking first world Scandinivian country of Sweden and since 2010, his paintings began to be exhibited throughout Europe in exhibitions at the Autumn Salon in Paris, Norrköping Art Museum, 2011; Gallery CUT UP in Germany, Rudd Claire Gallery in London, he awarded the 1st (Secret art Prize) Curious Duke Gallery/London 2014, He featured in Art Investment by Rebecca Wilson/ Saatchi Gallery 2014.
In the last three years, Sami's has solo exhibitions in, Dag Anderson gallery Norrkoping/Sweden 2012, Jamm Art Gallery/ Kuwait 2013.




- Born in Iraq 1984.

- Diploma Institute of Fine Arts Iraq/ Baghdad 2004.

- Living and painting in Sweden since 2007.



- 1999 first solo exhibition, (Bagdad University)/ Iraq.

- 2005 solo exhibition, represented by Ministry of Culture Iraq (Alwasity Gallery) Iraq.

- 2006 solo exhibition, represented by Ministry of culture Iraq, (Al Khanji Gallery), Aleppo, Syria .

- 2012 solo exhibition, represented by Municipality of Norrköping city, (Dag Andersson Gallery), Norrköping, Sweden.

- 2013 solo exhibition ( JAMM ART Gallery ) Kuwait.



- 2006 "Arabian Eyes" By artists from the Arab Gulf, (Al Khanji Gallery), Aleppo, Syria .

-“Cultural Week”, Iraqi/Jordanian Cooperation - Ministry of Culture / Iraq.

-National Museum of Iraq/ Baghdad.


- 2007-2008 " World discussion" International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Sant-Petersburg/ Russia.

-"Culture Week", Iraqi/French Cooperation, (Athar Gallery), sponsored by UNICCO.


- 2008 "Stockholm Autumn salon " by the Union of Artists of Immigrants in Europe / Finland.

-Group Exhibition with tow German artists, sponsored by Syrlin,International Art Gallery (Im Zentrum), Stuttgart, Germany.

-Group exhibition with one German artist (Gallery Marktgraf) sponsored by Syrilin International of Contemporary Art, Aimidinken, Germany.


- 2009 "Good Morning Paris" art fair of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

-"Autumn Salon", Paris, France.


- 2010 "Autumn Salon", Rudd Claire Gallery - London, with Union of Artists of Immigrants in Europe / Finland .

-"Anti-war exhibition " Oldenburg /Germany.

-"Summer Exhibition" (Kunstfuruom) Norrkoping/ Sweden.

-"For Sweden Now" group exhibition, Katrineholm, Cultural House, Sweden.


- 2011 (Digital participation) “ Art Paris ” at Le Grand Palais, France.

-Norrköping Art Museum ''Culture Night''/ Sweden.

- 2012 '' Art 4 Pease'' (Gallery CUT UP ) Germany.

- 2013 ''December Salon'' Katrineholm, Art Hall, Sweden

- 2014 ''I know what I like first exhibition'' ( Curious Duke Art Gallery ) UK.

''The winter exhbibition'' Lawrence Alkin Gallery UK.



- 1999 First Prize “Bait-AL-Arab of Arab-League” Egypt.

-First Prize “South–Sinai Association” Egypt.


- 2006 First Prize "Support women ", Ministry of culture Iraq.

- 2014 SECRET ART PRIZE ( Curious Duke Art Gallery) UK.

-American Art Prize 2st.



Copyright ''Mohammed Sami'' 2010 All rights reserved